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AutoLISP lets users and AutoCAD developers write macro programs and functions well suited for graphics applications. AutoLISP applications or routines can interact with AutoCAD in many ways. These routines can prompt the user for input, access built-in AutoCAD commands directly and modify or create objects in the drawing database. By creating AutoLISP routines you can use AutoCAD as a design package.

Advantages of AutoLISP:
- Is easy to learn
- Is a built-in interpreter
- Powerful enough to handle graphical data.
- Is a simple structured programming language.


- Introduction to AutoLISP.
- Details of editor used, Program Structure, loading & execution.
- Different data types in AutoLISP like integer, real, string & list.
- Setting variable values & viewing on command line.
- Rules for variable naming & use of predefined variables.
- Making use of Arithmetic Functions for calculating purposes.
- Processing user input with the help of User Input Functions.
- To display program output by using Display Control Function.
- Generating drawing automatically with the help of Command & Geometric Functions.
- Making decisions with the help of If, Equality & Conditional Functions.
- Using Loops to repeat the functions.

- Introduction to VisualLISP.
- What’s New in VisualLISP.
- Making program simple & more useful with the help of Function Concept.
- Making use of following functions to improve quality & usability of program.
> List Manipulation Functions.
> Conversion Functions.
> String Handling Functions.
- Preparing & using database with the help of File Handling Functions.
- Increasing speed of program with the help of CMDECHO variable.
- Reducing program bugs by making effective use of Error Handling Functions.
- Giving power & easiness to user by Toolbar Customization.