Services > CAD Customizaiton / Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE)

CAD software is used to make-work easier, accurate & faster. These standard CAD software are developed considering the requirements of general maximum users & are not specific to single user. To overcome this hurdle and maximize the use of software, these can be customized to suit individual user needs.

We can customize following CAD software. The programming interface used & the projects done by us are also listed.

CAD Software

Programming interface

Projects done

AutoCAD - AutoLISP, VisualLISP
- DCL (Dialog Control Language)
- ActiveX Automation
- AutoCAD customization using VB
- ObjectARX
- AutoCAD.Net (VB.Net, C#.Net)
- DXF Format Programming
- DWF Toolkit Programming
- Design process automation
- Automatic bill of material generation
- Attribute extraction
- Menu & Toolbar customization
- ANSI GD&T symbol generation software
- Software for automatic road cross-section & L-Section generation
- Drawing generation based on user input
- Automatic manufacturing drawing generation
SolidWorks - SolidWorks API
- SolidWorks VBA
- SolidWorks customization using VB, VB.Net & C#.Net
- Design Table creation
- Custom properties manipulation
- Automatic spare part catalog generation for the selected assembly in pdf format
SolidEdge - SolidEdge API
- SolidEdge VBA
- SolidEdge customization using VB, VB.Net & C#.Net
Pro/ENGINEER- Pro/TOOLKIT Programming using C
- J-Link programming using Java
Autodesk Inventor- Inventor API programming using VB, VB.Net & C#.Net-
IronCAD- IronCAD API programming using VB-
Autodesk PowerSHAPE, PowerMILL, CopyCAD- Macros development
- OLE application development
- HTML application development
- Add-in development