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Learn how to use the AutoCAD P&ID to create, design and manage piping and instrumentation designs. This online course will take users through the interface and key tools, using AutoCAD P&ID projects, adding P&ID geometry, P&ID annotations, P&ID drawing validation, drawing environment configuration, and communication and data exchange. Detail course content is given below:

The Interface and Key Tools

  • The Interface and Key Tools
  • Location of the Startup Icons
  • User Interface Command Location
  • Workspaces
  • Tool Palettes

Using AutoCAD P&ID Projects

  • Project Manager Interface
  • Creating New Project, Open an Existing Project
  • Project Organization Folders
  • Creating a New P&ID Drawing
  • Copy Existing Drawing, Remove Drawing
  • Creating New Project Drawing

Adding P&ID Geometry

  • Adding Primary and Secondary Lines
  • Defining Line Tags, Grouping Line Segments
  • Special Geometry, Segment Braker
  • Additional Flow Arrows, Inline Components
  • Inserting a Control Valve
  • Adding Instrumentation
  • Instrument Lines
  • Off Page3 Connectors
  • Add P&ID Components to a Drawing

P&ID Annotation

  • Placing Annotations
  • Annotation Types
  • Pipeline Annotations
  • Inline Compenents
  • Annotation Settings
  • Annotating P&ID Components

Editing Components

  • Changing Equipment
  • Changing Valve Specifications
  • Standard Valve to Control Valve
  • Equipment Block Editing
  • Graphical Editing Lines
  • Editing Line Group and Substitute Line Type
  • Editing P&ID Components

P&ID Drawing Validation

  • Running the Validation Utility
  • Solving Errors
  • Customize the Validation Utility

Drawing Environment Configuration

  • General Project Settings
  • Project Details
  • Drawing Properties
  • Reports and File Name Format
  • Custom Components and Lines

Communication and Data Exchange

  • Open and Refresh Drawings
  • Work History
  • Package a Project
  • Publish a DWF or DWFx file
  • Plotting Function