Online Training > Fundamentals of Vehicle Design and Packaging

Course Overview:

The Fundamentals of Vehicle Design and Packaging course is intended to be a guide for individuals through the advanced concept package development process. The main objective of the advanced concept is to develop form, proportion, and architecture that pushes beyond current boundaries. This course will cover functions and segments of automotive design, package ideation, size & proportion, occupant packaging, interiors & cargo, powertrains, wheels & tires, suspension & chassis, and bodies.

Vehical Design History

Introduction, First Car, Front Engine, Alternative Propulsion, Truck, Design With Passion, Passenger Priority

Functions & Segments

Introduction, Factors That Drive Functional Objectives and Applying Them to Architecture, Vehicle Positioning, Micro, Economy, Luxury, & Specialty Cars, Minivans, Suv's, Pickup Trucks, & Commercial Vans.

Package Ideation

Introduction, Word Picture, Sketches, Ideation, and Unorthodox Thinking.

Size & Proportion

Introduction, Size and Proportion, Key Dimentions, and Product Benchmarking.

Occupant Packaging

Introduction, Manikin Anatomy and Occupant Environment Set-Up.

Interiors & Cargo

Introduction, Instrament Panel & Control Set-Up, Interior Volumes and Cargo.


Introduction, Powertrain Anatomy & Selection, Power, Engine Size, & Location, Powertrain Layouts 1-4, Powertrain Layouts 5-8 & Fuel Storage.

Wheels & Tires

Introduction, Tire Sidewall, Wheel Flange, & Brakes, Tire Envelopes, Spare, Tire Coverage, Tire-To-Body, & Steering.

Suspension & Chassis

Introduction,Suspension Overview, Suspension Systems.


Introduction, Load Paths & Types of Body Structures, Sections, Design for Impact, Safety, & Material Application, Body Closures, Side Aperture Design, & Cutlines, Foot Swing, Door & Aperture Design, & Dropping Glass, Windshield Aperture Design, Backlight, Aerodydamics, & Lighting, Bumper Design, Ground Clearance, Glazing, & License Plates.