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Fundamentals of Vehicle Design and Packaging

The Fundamentals of Vehicle Design and Packaging course is intended to be a guide for individuals through the advanced concept package development process. The main objective of the advanced concept is to develop form, proportion, and architecture that pushes beyond current boundaries. This course will cover functions and segments of automotive design, package ideation, size & proportion, occupant packaging, interiors & cargo, powertrains, wheels & tires, suspension & chassis, and bodies.

CATIA V5 Automotive Essentials Training

The Automotive Essesntials course covers multiple areas of automotive design at an overview level. Users are introduced to critical advanced computer design concepts. The curriculum also introduces subsystems and then explains how to accommodate them in assembly design.

CATIA V5 Automotive Chassis Training

This course is intended to allow you the opportunity to explore engine design fundamentals and learn what you can do to help during the machining process. You will also learn about exhaust, suspension, steering, and frame systems. Using real-world design problems presented by automotive manufacturers for case workers, you can put into practice your newfound knowledge.

CATIA V5 Automotive Interior Trim Training

The interior trim of an automobile consists of many different types of parts ranging from seating to plastic parts. This course begins with an overview of the entire interior and then moves into focusing on the injected molded parts within the automobile. Candidates not only create features needed for plastic part design but they learn the process behind the design.

CATIA V5 Automotive Structures Training

The course explains how to create automotive structural parts within the body panels and assembly environment. We emphasize modeling parts to fit within a limited space using existing geometry as the boundaries, and to design the parts to accommodate subsystems.