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Two Dimensional (2D)

       Introduction to AutoCAD

        Use of basic Draw commands like Line, Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Rectangle, Donut, Polygon, Point to generate desire object.

        Using Polar, Otrack features to achieve greater productivity.

        Increasing working speed with the help of Editing commands like Erase, Trim, Break, Rotate, Extend, Scale, Stretch.

       Using Construction Commands like Copy, Chamfer, Fillet, Mirror, Array, Hatch, Offset.

       Preparing accurate drawing with the help of Object Snaps like End point, Mid point, Intersection point, Insertion point, Center point, Quadrant point etc.

       Enlarging the drawing details to view using commands like Zoom & Pan.

       Using Inquiry Commands like Dist, List, Area etc, for drawing review purposes.

       Generating Center, Hidden line by using commands like Linetype, ltscale.

       Giving final touch to drawing by adding Dimensions & Text.

       Improving productivity & usability of drawing by using Layer Concept.

       Using Block Concept to merge drawings.

       Using multiple documents interfaces to increase work speed.

       Updating properties with the help of match properties.

       Automatically update the linked drawings with the help of Xref concept.



Solid Modeling & Rendering

       Drawing 3D object with the help of commands like Extrude, & Revolve.

       To carry Chamfer & Fillets on 3D Objects.

       To add or remove material from object with the help of Add, Subtract Commands.

       To edit 3D drgs with the help of 3D editing commands.

       Use of User Coordinate System (UCS) in 3D

       To present drgs in Perspective Views.

       To use Point, Distance & Spot lights.

       To apply Landscape.

       Adding new materials like Bricks, Stones, Concrete etc.

       To apply Materials.

       To creating Photo Realistic Views with the help of Render.



Printing & Drawing Maintenance

       Printer setup & printing

       To recover damaged drgs.

       Using purge command to reduce drg size.

       Using drg backup to recover the damaged drgs



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